Client Forms

Electronic Health Records (update):  NWCC is currently transitioning to an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, with a target implementation date of 1/1/23.  For new clients, you will most likely need to submit your forms online, through a Client Portal in the new EHR system.  Please discuss this with your counselor prior to printing/filling out any of the documents listed below.  

Each person participating as a client in the counseling process will need to complete their own set of paperwork prior to the start of the first session.  Providing thorough and updated information is critical to making your counseling experience productive and effective.  Please note that if you come to the first session with paperwork incomplete, your counselor will ask you to complete any unfinished paperwork prior to starting the first session (which would decrease the length of the first session).

NWCC's forms are available for download/printing below.  If you are unable to print the paperwork at home and bring it to the first session, we recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the first session starting time to complete the paperwork in the office.


Important reminders:



If someone will be coming to counseling as a guest of the client (for informational purposes only, and only with approval of the client), that person should complete the 3rd-Party/Guest authorization form.


If you are a current or former client needing to access your records; or if you are needing to authorize NWCC to share information with a 3rd-party; please complete the Authorization to Release Information form and submit a signed copy to NWCC for review and processing.


If you have questions or concerns about any of the information above, please contact your counselor or NWCC.