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Client Portal/Forms

NWCC uses a program called TherapyNotes, which is a HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Records (EHR) system for mental health practices (for more information, please visit their website at  Through your Client Portal account, you will be able to: complete and submit all required forms and documentation; view your account, including printing statements and making payments; communicate confidentially with your counselor; view past and upcoming appointments; participate in telehealth sessions; and more.

If you are an existing client, you can log into the Client Portal by clicking the "Client Portal" button above.

For new clients:


Each person participating as a client in the counseling process will need to complete and submit all required forms prior to the start of their first session.  Providing thorough and updated information is critical to making your counseling experience productive and effective.  Because this information is mandatory, please note that your counselor will not be able to start your first session until these required forms are submitted.

When scheduling your first session, your counselor will collect some basic information from you (name, DOB, email address, and cell phone #) that will allow them to create a record for you in the Client Portal.  Once your record has been created, you will receive an email with login information for the Client Portal, so you can enter and submit all required forms and information.  Again, please note that these forms need to be submitted well in advance of your first session.  Also, please note that the link to the Client Portal expires after 7 days, so please log in and enter your information as quickly as possible after receiving the link.


Other notes:

  • If more than one client will be participating in the counseling process, each client will need to submit their own information (example: for couples, each person will need to submit their own forms through their own Client Portal account).

  • Minor clients must be accompanied by at least one parent/guardian at the first session.

  • In joint custody situations, both parents/guardians are required to sign a "Consent for Treatment of a Minor" form.

  • If someone will be coming to counseling as a guest of the client (for informational purposes only, and only with approval of the client), that person would only need to complete the 3rd-Party/Guest authorization form (including the client's signature).  Please discuss this situation with your counselor in advance.


If you are a current or former client needing to access your records, or if you are needing to authorize NWCC to share information with a 3rd-party, please complete the Authorization to Release Information form and submit a signed copy to your counselor (or mail a copy to NWCC at the address at the bottom of this page) for review and processing.


If you have questions or concerns about any of the information above, please contact your counselor or NWCC.

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